York air conditioner and heaters

AC-york-logoWhy buy an York air conditioner or heater

York heaters are not widely known or an especially popular brand, At least not in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas. That being said you should not discount then and the quality product that they offer. The quality product that day produce 10 and 20 years ago still works very well today.

They are an American based company and have managed to secure and stay in business while other air conditioning companies go out of business. They have a pretty large presence in Texas and California. This is where their two largest plants are located. If you are shopping for the air conditioner to buy, you could do much worse than a York. They offer a 10-year warranty on all of their heat pump package units, gas package units, condensing units and Air conditioning systems comparable to other top brands, so you will want to consider York. York air conditioning and heating units are generally value-priced. You can find them for around 3 to 12 percent cheaper than the next brand. Now, this doesn’t apply to all air conditioning and heating equipment all the time but it would be wise for you to consider if you have to find an AC and you really have a tight budget for your AC needs.

York AC and heater warranty repair


In my experience no air conditioners perfect. All of them at some point have the propensity to need a part change out. So since you are on a budget and considering the purchase of a York  HVAC system you will be happy to know that York  offers local retailers that stock all the parts needed to fix your air conditioner. If you have a warranty repair problem you will not have an issue with getting it covered under warranty. This is important to consider when the high heat could cause you to be waiting for a part to come in the mail from another manufacturer. York has several outlets in the city of Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas that sell your York air conditioner and heater parts.