If you are having troubles sleeping then the reason maybe the bad air circulating in your home or around your room. Sometimes, when there are tons of pollutants, you are having difficulty sleeping plus there’s a greater chance that the entire household get sick. To avoid this and to help you sleep better, here are some tips on how to filter the air in your house.

Remove all sources of toxic pollutants

If we realized that our home is filled with pollutants, we clean it that’s in our nature. However, no matter how much you tidy your place, if you won’t remove the source of dust, dirt and other pollutants then their existence will never end. If you collect old stuff that you don’t need any more and they are just becoming breeding ground for dirt and dust then better to throw them already. Not until you dodge them you will keep on inviting pollutants, wipe and clean them – the cycle goes around. There are some household products that can be sources of pollutants too so be careful in choosing what to use. Use more natural air fresheners and lessen the use of aerosol sprays, plugins and other chemical-based cleaning agents. You can go for some bedroom plants that will help clean the air with no chemicals and it can supply your room with more oxygen.

Prevent pollutants from coming inside your house

After cleaning and clearing indoor sources of pollen, it’s now time to preserve the indoor from all the pollutants from the outside. Make it a point that you will avoid any contact of pollutants to enter your place. You can start by simply leaving your shoes at the door so you don’t track the stuff in. If you have pets, then make sure that you clean and wash them after they play or stroll outside. When you get into your room then changing your clothes immediately and maintaining personal hygiene will also help inhibit growth and spread of pollutants indoor.

Have an Air cleaner

Aside from the fact that you should always clean and maintain freshness of your air conditioning and heating units at home. You can as well switch to HEPA filters and it’s also recommended that you install an air cleaner. This is a mini gadget that will be installed with your air conditioner or furnace and this will filter the air coming from the system. This can promote better and cleaner air that can avoid sickness and allergies. These air cleaners can also lessen the humidity inside your home hence it can lessen wetness that may attract growth of microorganisms. You can ask your contractor about these air cleaners and make sure you’ll have one professionally installed.