heat-pump-repair-in-las-vegasDid your heat pump quit heating or cooling? Have you noticed that the temperature coming out of your vents is not as warm or cold as it use to be?
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Don’t know if you have a heat pump or not? Do you have natural gas or propane to your property, if not then you have a heat pump.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump warms in the winter season and cools in the summer. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.
A heat pump cools a house by moving indoor heat to the outside; it warms the house by moving exterior heat to the inside.
A heat pump is a heat exchanger that removes heat from indoor air to cool it and removes heat from outside air and pumps it indoors to heat up a house. It takes advantage of liquid’s tendency to soak up heat as it expands.

A heat pump has an outdoor unit in which a fan moves air with a coil that soaks up heat. Refrigerant journeys back to the outdoor device to start another full cycle with the pump.

heat-pump-repair-frozen-coilsWhen measuring the expense and advantages of repair vs. changing an older heat pump with more reliable equipment, keep the following points in mind:.

Reasons why you would might opt to repair as opposed to replace an aging heat pump.
Due to rising energy expenses, plus rewards to change old equipment, replacing limited heat pump systems typically makes good sense. Nevertheless, below are some situations where an owner could choose to repair their older heat pump rather than having it replaced:.

Heater-repair-that-is-affordableA heat pump has an outdoor device in which a fan moves air through a coil that absorbs heat. A blower presses return air with the coil, warming the air and requiring it into the ducts. Refrigerant moves back to the outdoor unit to start another full cycle with the pump. An automatic reversing valve reverses these flows as required to keep the home’s indoor comfy.


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