AC-Goodman-logoSince 2010 the number one selling air conditioner in the city of Las Vegas has been Goodman brand. Arguably even longer than that, it has been at the top. Goodman has sold more units each year due to their value pricing. So it is with some logic that they would have a larger number of complaints then any other brand. This goes double for Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas.

Goodman AC units are installed through out the Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas Valley

Goodman-Air-Conditioning-Heating-units-Repair-Warranty-Installation-and-ServiceDon’t mistake bad reviews for a bad product. Goodman air conditioning systems are made in the United States and are of the highest quality. And like so many other brands today they come with a 10 year warranty. And if I had to tell you the biggest benefit of their warranty, it is they do not make it complicated for the air conditioning technician to turn in your defective part and get a new part. For this reason we offer an immediate change out of the part under warranty. Later we will take your defective part in and exchange it ourselves. So if your unit is under warranty then your air conditioning repair part, will be free still and it will be an instant repair.

Goodman air conditioners like so many others including, Rheem and Carrier use Copeland Scroll compressor. Copeland compressors only makes, air conditioning compressors. That science and technology has made it  a leader in air conditioner compressors. Because Copeland is widely sold in multiple cities it is readily available if one breaks.

If you’re Goodman stops working we can help you with that repair. Even if we did not install it we can do most warranty repairs if the manufacturer warranty is still in place. The only thing you may need to pay for is the labor. But all parts to make repairs that are under warranty will be covered.

We stock top quality replacement parts on all of our trucks to make immediate repairs to most manufactured brand air conditioners. Goodman is certainly no exception. Because it is the number one selling brand in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas we must carry more Goodman repair parts then any other brand name. For this reason you can rest assured that if you call us to come inspect your unit whether under warranty or not we can repair it on the spot.

If you are shopping around for a new air conditioning or heating system you would be wise to look at Goodman. Goodman has a 10 year warranty on most of their products and offers a 13, all the way up to 20 seer air conditioning system. Whether it is a split system, gas pack, or heat pump you can count on Goodman to have the supply and material that are needed to do a quality installation on your home. Replace that old unit today with a brand new Goodman heating and air conditioning system.