What is a Complete Comfort Evaluation


AC repair technicianThe complete comfort valuation is a comprehensive and in depth examination of all the working components of your heating and air conditioning. It involves checking for loose wires, bad conductivity, higher or lower amperage, and many other things that are tell tale signs of future air conditioner breakdowns. Its specific purpose is to eliminate the problems of having your air conditioner go out when its 110 degrees outside.

You see, there are several working motors and components on your air conditioner that all use electricity. These components use a certain volume of electricity, and when that amperage draw gets higher, it is a pretty good indicator that the part is on its last legs. This does not mean that it must be repaired on the spot. In fact some people, do not replace the part until it goes entirely out.


The benefits of a complete comfort evaluation

The benefit to you, the homeowner, is that if your air conditioner does stop working, you know what is probably wrong with it, based upon a previous inspection and complete comfort evaluation, you are going to be able to explain that to the air conditioning technician when you schedule the appointment. This way you are sure that they have the parts needed on their truck to make the repair. You wouldn’t want to need a specialty item, and be waiting even an extra couple of hours because that part had to be purchased at a supply house. Or worse yet your air conditioner goes out on a Saturday night and the supply house, doesn’t open again until Monday morning. You will be staying in a hotel.


Heater-repair-that-is-affordableThe complete comfort evaluation is a service that we offer completely free. With each and every  repair that we make we will test, and inspect the rest of your air conditioning system. In all likelihood nothing else will be wrong. But if it is, wouldn’t you like to know sooner than later. To get your complete comfort evaluation today, contact us. We will fix your air conditioner in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas, and we will tell you of any deficiencies in the operating system of your AC and heat.