Contrary to popular belief, many people think you will save money on your electricity or gas bill. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works.

A Lot of Nevadans believe this is true, well it isn’t. It is the opposite of true. Closing your air vents won’t save you money and it will start to break your HVAC system. Read on to understand why.

Why closing Air Vents will NOT save money
People think closing your air vents will make your system run less. That isn’t what happens.
Think about breathing (inhaling through your mouth and exhaling through your nose) while briskly walking. This is much how your systems works because the air goes from your house, through the return ducts and back into your house.

But, what would happen if you were going to close one nostril and still try to move the same amount of air? You would either

a) breathe less and lose oxygen or

b) increase the pressure of air you’re breathing.
In other words, closing air vents simply increase air pressure, not shortening the time it needs to run. This is not good for your blower because it is only designed to hold a certain amount of pressure.
The two types of blowers have two different issues: