Closing Vents in unused rooms is bad for your AC and Heat


Contrary to popular belief, many people think you will save money on your electricity or gas bill. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. A Lot of Nevadans believe this is true, well it isn’t. It is the opposite of true. Closing your air vents won’t save you money and it will start to break […]

Oh Snap! My Furnace is Blowing Out Smoke From My Vents?


Well, you see smoke billowing out of your vents after you just turned on your furnace. Is everything alright? You can tell if it is okay by simply smelling the smoke from the vents. Sweet syrupy smell means everything is fine You will most likely smell a pleasant maple-like smell if you just got a […]

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air – What to do?


One of the most common problems of Air conditioners is the release of hot instead of the cool air. There are times that when we turn on our ac systems, it will blow some cool air then it will stop abruptly and release warm air instead. Have you experienced it or are you experiencing it […]

Goodman air conditioners repairs and installs

Since 2010 the number one selling air conditioner in the city of Las Vegas has been Goodman brand. Arguably even longer than that, it has been at the top. Goodman has sold more units each year due to their value pricing. So it is with some logic that they would have a larger number of […]

5 Important Things to Know About AC Repair


Oh that sweet life of comfortable living because of Air conditioners. Can you imagine a home with no AC in the middle of the dog days of summer? Surely, it feels like you’re literally inside a toaster oven. Thus, an AC is not just a luxury nowadays but a major necessity. However, buying a new […]

Air Conditioning Repair After-Care Tips

Air conditioner repair is one of the most crucial and expensive repair services you need at home. This will change the way you live in your own place, most especially if you will get good services that will surely make your home a very comfortable and cool area to stay in. Ac repairs’ prices are no joke […]

How Your Air Conditioner Works

Air conditioners blow awesome air into your residence by pulling the heat out of that air. The air is cooled down by blowing it over a collection of chilly pipelines called an evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is loaded with a special fluid called a refrigerant, which changes from a fluid to a gas as […]

Furnace Troubleshooting the igniter flame censor

A regular issue that every property owner ought to have is cleaning the flame sensor once a year. This will keep your heating system biking appropriately and warming the house. The next most common problem is an igniter that goes bad. Every resident needs to have a backup igniter. Furnace repair work is tough on […]

Certification to ask for in an AC Repair Co.

Every property owner should have the name of a trustworthy HVAC company who they could rely on. Whether it’s for routine solution or is an emergency scenario, the best HVAC team ought to have the ability to manage just about any issue connected to your residence’s heating, cooling down, and ventilation systems. Not all technicians […]