Oh Snap! My Furnace is Blowing Out Smoke From My Vents?


Well, you see smoke billowing out of your vents after you just turned on your furnace. Is everything alright? You can tell if it is okay by simply smelling the smoke from the vents. Sweet syrupy smell means everything is fine You will most likely smell a pleasant maple-like smell if you just got a […]

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air – What to do?


One of the most common problems of Air conditioners is the release of hot instead of the cool air. There are times that when we turn on our ac systems, it will blow some cool air then it will stop abruptly and release warm air instead. Have you experienced it or are you experiencing it […]

How to Save Money on HVAC Repairs?


Humans in nature, prefer cheaper versions especially when we know that we can save a lot instead of money. One example is when instead of buying new appliances, we choose to have them repaired. Do I get hands up there for those who will have their ac repaired rather than buying a costly new one? […]