Goodman air conditioners repairs and installs

Since 2010 the number one selling air conditioner in the city of Las Vegas has been Goodman brand. Arguably even longer than that, it has been at the top. Goodman has sold more units each year due to their value pricing. So it is with some logic that they would have a larger number of […]

History of the Modern Central Heating and Air Conditioning System

It’s hard to imagine living in the Mojave Desert in the early 1900’s where temperatures reach 100 to 115 degrees for 3 months straight. Makes you wonder if a place like Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas would have still had 1.5 million residents and 4 times that in annual visitors. Makes you wonder if Bugsy […]

Is it worth upgrading the Seer rating on the new air conditioner

Boy, if I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me “how much would I save on my power bill if I upgraded my air conditioner from a 13 seer to a 16 seer.” Most of the time the answer is never what they want to hear. The general consensus is that the utility […]