Air conditioner, Heat pump and Home Design


Do you know that the correct and proper air flow from your air conditioning and heating systems is correlated to your home design? This is why sometimes no matter what you do not get great air flow. There are instances that even if you keep on maintaining, cleaning, repairing and even buying a new unit, […]

Is it worth upgrading the Seer rating on the new air conditioner

Boy, if I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me “how much would I save on my power bill if I upgraded my air conditioner from a 13 seer to a 16 seer.” Most of the time the answer is never what they want to hear. The general consensus is that the utility […]

AC repairs for Heat pumps in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas

It seems as though this year we are getting a larger then expected number of calls, for heat pumps that we installed four and five years ago. Most of them are Goodman brand heat pump units that are using r22. Heat pumps are significantly less common in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas, because most houses […]