Oh Snap! My Furnace is Blowing Out Smoke From My Vents?


Well, you see smoke billowing out of your vents after you just turned on your furnace. Is everything alright? You can tell if it is okay by simply smelling the smoke from the vents. Sweet syrupy smell means everything is fine You will most likely smell a pleasant maple-like smell if you just got a […]

Heater Pressure Switch Replacement

The pressure switch is utilized in the ignition procedure to determine if there is sufficient air flow through the burner. This is a fairly com heater repair that needs to be made on eve the newer furnaces. When the draft inducer fan motor reaches its maximum speed it develops a vacuum or pressure in the […]

Furnace Troubleshooting the igniter flame censor

A regular issue that every property owner ought to have is cleaning the flame sensor once a year. This will keep your heating system biking appropriately and warming the house. The next most common problem is an igniter that goes bad. Every resident needs to have a backup igniter. Furnace repair work is tough on […]