Air conditioner low on refrigerant? read this

On Friday of last week we got a call requesting an estimate, for how much it would cost to change the oil in someone’s air conditioning. So in the air conditioning business this question is substantially funnier, than it is if you actually are the owner of that air conditioner. You see, there is no need […]

Goodman air conditioners repairs and installs

Since 2010 the number one selling air conditioner in the city of Las Vegas has been Goodman brand. Arguably even longer than that, it has been at the top. Goodman has sold more units each year due to their value pricing. So it is with some logic that they would have a larger number of […]

AC Repair VS Buying a New Air conditioner


The battle between ac repair and buying a new one has been a very crucial dilemma that we have thought of for years now. We always want to know if it’s better for our air conditioner units to be repaired or just buy a new one but how can we know? Can we just buy a new one when our ac […]

How to Save Money on HVAC Repairs?


Humans in nature, prefer cheaper versions especially when we know that we can save a lot instead of money. One example is when instead of buying new appliances, we choose to have them repaired. Do I get hands up there for those who will have their ac repaired rather than buying a costly new one? […]

5 Important Things to Know About AC Repair


Oh that sweet life of comfortable living because of Air conditioners. Can you imagine a home with no AC in the middle of the dog days of summer? Surely, it feels like you’re literally inside a toaster oven. Thus, an AC is not just a luxury nowadays but a major necessity. However, buying a new […]

Selecting a company to handle the repair

For everything that we want to acquire at home, we always opt to settle with the trusted ‘one’. We’re suckers for a trusted brand, a trusted company, a trusted manufacturer and a trusted contractor. We are rest assured that home repairs will all be safer and steadier with their hands on it. Tasks at home […]

Finding an Air Conditioner tech you are comfortable with

One of the things that I find disconcerting when it comes to hiring a plumber is basically the same thing I have problems with when it comes to hiring an air conditioner repair company.   When hiring an air conditioner repair company   There is more opportunity for them to cause an additional repair then […]

AC repair and home warranties

As of late it seems that we have been getting several calls from customers needing an air conditioning repair, which also have home warranties. These warranties were purchased by these people when they purchase their home. The warranties cost the homeowner between $550 and $1700. However they are not covering much, in the way of […]

Renting an AC for temp relief

When you have a business, stress can be high. You need adequate cash to keep every little thing running, to pay your staff members and to make sure that the business can run for years ahead. There are things that could prevent this from happening. Whether you have a workplace or a warehouse, or both, […]

AC repairs for Heat pumps in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas

It seems as though this year we are getting a larger then expected number of calls, for heat pumps that we installed four and five years ago. Most of them are Goodman brand heat pump units that are using r22. Heat pumps are significantly less common in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas, because most houses […]