American Standard Heating and Air Conditioner repair

American standard air conditioner and heating units Warranty repairs

Are you looking for a repair company that will do warranty repairs on American Standard AC units?  We work hand in hand with the Americans Standard dealer here in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas.

American standard HVAC units are one of the best brands for the price.  You will normally find that American standard is one of the top five brands every year on consumer reports,  most of the time they are in the top three.

I know that you have heard great things about Trane HVAC units, but the cost is sometimes more than you want to spend.  Well the great news is that American Standard  air conditioners and heating units are made at the same manufactures plant.  The also have the same model numbers as their Trane counter parts.  You can use the American Standard parts on the Trane units.

Not only is the initial cost of an American Standard great, but they have the same basic 10

American-Standard-Heating-and-Air-Conditioning-Units-Warranty-Service-Repairyear warranty as most of the higher priced brands.

American Standard offers Seer efficiency from 13 Seer to 20 Seer in their ground mounted Air conditioner units. And up to 16 seer in their package units that install on the roof.

If you are looking for air conditioning repair in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas for your American Standard HVAC system, we work on all of the units and can get you in cool air quickly.