Amana air conditioner and heating systems and repairs


AC-Amana-logoAmana heating and air conditioning systems have been around for quite a while. The other brands such as Carrier and American Standard have a longer history, but this particular brand has proved itself over the last 40 years. Amana is a well known and respected appliance manufacturer. Their air conditioning and heating systems are no exception to the quality that they have provided for decades.

Amana unlike other manufacturers is the only one to offer a 12 year warranty on their 13 seer air conditioning grants. They are quite confident in the longevity of their product in order to do so. You’ll find that a 10 year warranty is more customary with other brands. Certainly this does not make them the best choice for buying a new air conditioner for your home, but it certainly does make you stop and ponder. Their product is equal to any of the brands that you would ever find to install on Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas homes.

Amana air conditioning and heating systems tend to be slightly more expensive then other brands. This may not be the case. Despite their slightly higher price they still tend to sell very well. Their sister brand, Goodman, is also a top choice when it comes to choosing and new ac install.

The good news is for anyone that does have an Amana heating and air conditioning system, we carry the complete line of parts needed to make any repair on your brand new or 15 year old Amana heating and air conditioning system. If your AC goes out we can have it fixed on the first visit. And if your air conditioner is under warranty, we can exchange you’re broken part with our local distributor without hassle or problem. For this reason if we are called out to do an AC repair in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas we will work to fix it on the spot and exchange the part later. This benefits you by restoring comfort to your home right away.

air-conditioner-repair-las-vegasEven if we did not install the Amana system on your home we can go on your warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. Amana with their 10 year and 12 year parts warranty can greatly reduce the cost of future repairs. You will pay for the labor and they will pay for the parts. You get an instant repair if you contact us. We do not need to wait for authorization to make the repair. Other companies may leave you without heating or air conditioning for a few days. That won’t happen with us. We can fix your air conditioning on the spot and replace it with a part from our truck. Your part will be exchanged later leaving you with a comfortable home today.