Do you know that the correct and proper air flow from your air conditioning and heating systems is correlated to your home design? This is why sometimes no matter what you do not get great air flow. There are instances that even if you keep on maintaining, cleaning, repairing and even buying a new unit, you won’t be satisfied with the air temperature you want at home. Why? It’s not because of quality of air neither your air conditioner nor heat pump releases, it’s due to the design of your home that controls and keeps the air from flowing freely.

Where the air goes?

Rule of the thumb that every homeowner should remember is that the cold air stays at the bottom and the hot air goes up, all the time. Knowing this, you’ll get the idea where you should put your ac and heat pumps. If you have two individual units then better to install the ac air ducts somewhere high so the air will goes down and cools down the entire home enormously. While on the other hand, the heating air ducts could be put somewhere at the bottom since the air will goes up anyway to heat your home up. Sounds sensible, isn’t it?

Avoid blocking the air way

One more thing to put focus on is to never block the air passage both with the ac units and heating systems. Make sure that all the furniture, curtains and whatever you have at home are placed in their perfect places without blocking the air or else, you’ll get just the minimum air you need and want.

Where is the perfect place for AC and Heat Pumps?

With the central air conditioners and heat pumps, the compressors and ducts are no small things. Therefore, we should install them perfectly aligned with the design of our entire home. You can place it somewhere it’s more protected against heat, rain, extreme wind and those rubbish-prone areas at home. This is also for them to be safe and clean all the time.

If you have made all these tips and yet, you can’t feel the air you’d be dreaming of at the comfort of your own home then it’s time to consider some professional help. You can call your favorite and trusted ac repair and heating contractor to help you out with your systems’ problems. And if you’re lucky enough, they can aid you with the proper home design for your units.