One of the most common problems of Air conditioners is the release of hot instead of the cool air. There are times that when we turn on our ac systems, it will blow some cool air then it will stop abruptly and release warm air instead. Have you experienced it or are you experiencing it now? Well, don’t worry because here are some repair tips and some useful measures on how to deal this problem.Hot_summer_for_pets

Dirty Ducks

If you are experiencing this issue then most probably, the air ducts of your ac system are either broken or dirty. The air ducts are the passages of air from the outside then translated to cool air to circulate to the entire home.  Thus, when the ducts are filled with dirt, dust and other debris, it can affect the flow of cool air and the warm air issue will start from there. This is why administering yearly or regular ac cleaning is required.

Broken Thermostat

When your air conditioners are turned on but the temperature of the is not as cool as it was before, then we can also say that it’s one signs of having busted thermostat. The thermostat is the one responsible in controlling the air temperature of your ac that is why once it’s broken; the air temperature will surely be messed up. Luckily, a thermostat that isn’t working well is very easy to fix and it costs not that expensive. All you just have to do is to call a professional that will replace and install a new one for your system.

Refrigerant refill

Refrigerant is one of the factors that keep the temperature of the air coming from your air conditioner cool as ever. Thus, if you are only experiencing nothing but warm air then you may want to check the refrigerant in your ac unit. Call your professional contractor and let them handle the job. It’s quite complicated to play along with the main parts and crucial issues of a broken ac hence it’s more recommended to ask help from the experts.

Nothing seems to be worse than an air conditioner that produces warm air instead of cool ones. We install ac units to make our home feel more comfortable and if it’s not doing its job then we are just wasting time and money so it’s always better that once you feel warm air is building up, act on it as quickly as possible. Call the contractor and let them handle the situation and of course, follow these simple measures on how you can help yourself during this time that you need your ac and you are getting nothing better than hot air.