air-conditioner-repair-henderson-nvHave you noticed that your energy bill has sky rocketed?  Is your air conditioner not cooling your home as well as it use to?  Have you been hearing strange noises from your HVAC unit that were not there before?  It might be time to have your air conditioning system serviced.

Most manufacturer recommend that you service you air conditioner in the early Spring and your heater in the late Fall. This practice will not only greatly extend the life of your HVAC, it will improve the efficiency and decrease utility consumption.

If you do need an air conditioning repair, in all probability it will be much less expensive than had you have let a little problem become a big problem. Much of the time simply cleaning the coils and ensure that all electrical connections are in tact will be all that is needed.

The last thing you want is to be in a house that is fast climbing to 95 degrees and waiting for an AC repair technician to show up. It is better to know today and that potential problems lye ahead. If and expensive repair is needed than you will have the time to get a second opinion.

 Servicing your air conditioner once a year is the best course of action

dirty-filter-can-cause-you-to-need-air-conditioner-repairsBy getting your air conditioning system serviced in the spring, before you depend on it, saves you money. This is true but the real value is that it eliminates hassle of your air conditioner breaking down on you when you need it most.  When an HVAC tech services your unit they can give you a heads up on what has to be done right away and what needs to be done soon.  They use equipment that normally can tell when a part is starting to go bad.  This is not always true but for the most part you can be prepared for upcoming expenses.


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dirty-or-blocked-coils-can-cause-air-conditioners-to-need-repairsWhen you get your AC serviced you will find that the system usually works better and more efficiently than before.

Dirty coils can cause air restriction, Icing up, and cause your unit to work harder there for shorting the life of the components.

Think of your air conditioner like your car, you need to do routine maintenance to keep it working in tip top shape.

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If your A/c gets so old that it is always in need of repair you may want to buy a new air conditioning and heating system or your home. We can help you with a great price on a new HVAC system. Contact us now and have a brand new unit installed today.

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