It seems as though this year we are getting a larger then expected number of calls, for heat pumps that we installed four and five years ago. Most of them are Goodman brand heat pump units that are using r22. Heat pumps are significantly less common in Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas, because most houses have balanced power. Natural gas is readily available in more than 85% of the valley. However those few Summerlin and Northwest Las Vegas residences that have all electric home, will install heat pump for the air conditioning and heating.

Heat pump provides air conditioning and heat for your home

  • Ground mounted Heat pumps have to have an air handler in your garage or attic
  • Roof mounted Heat pump packages have everything in the unit that is mounted on your roof.
  • Gas package roof mounted unit also provides both heat and air conditioning to your home
  • Ground mounted condensing units work with your furnace

Of all the heat pumps, that we work on it’s much more common for us to find, that Goodman heat pumps are sometimes known for having bad reversing valve. The downside for the homeowner is reversing valves, are not something that should go bad, so many of the people that fix air conditioners do not carry those on their truck. If they do carry a reversing valve, you will find they don’t carry very many. Most of these air conditioners were installed three to five years ago, as near as we can calculate. This means that most of them are manufactured, the year prior to the installation.

I’m not sure if the recent Goodman brand has fixed the heat pump problems, that they’ve had from years past. This year we have decided against as a company, installing Goodman AC heat pumps when the customer does not specifically request the brand. And we believe that there may be no problem, with the new Goodman brand  air conditioners heat pump, we have just decided that there are better air conditioners, with better track records, that we know we can count on for our customers.

Las Vegas air conditioning repair and install
Heat pump package unit

For sure, no air conditioner is exempt from some type of repair. They have moving parts and they will break from time to time. As for our experience as a air conditioning repair contractor, we can say with confidence that we work on far fewer American standard air conditioners, then we do on any other brand. American Standard simply builds a quality product. I suppose this is why you find, that so many of them are rated number one, year after year by consumers. And as for price, you can almost purchase a brand new American Standard for the same price as other brands. In some cases even cheaper.

If you’re looking for a reliable air conditioner, that will not require constant repair, consider installing an American Standard. If your home is all electric you will require a heat pump. If this is you, the advice here goes double. So most new air conditioners come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, the last thing you want is to have to use that warranty. Remember on most installations contractors only give you a one year warranty on labor AC repairs. We are currently offering a three year warranty on American Standard installations. We do this because we are so confident in the brand.