The battle between ac repair and buying a new one has been a very crucial dilemma that we have thought of for years now. We always want to know if it’s better for our air conditioner units to be repaired or just buy a new one but how can we know? Can we just buy a new one when our ac system breaks down? Are we all that capable of spending hefty amount of money for a new cooling system at home? Of course, not! That is why we choose repairs most of the time instead of investing into a fresh one. Thus, to help you save your money and choose the right decision, here are some tips to know whether it’s time for a repair or acquiring a new system.buy_new_or_repair_the_old_ac_unit

How much is the repair price?

If your ac breaks down then always opt for a repair but first things first, you have to know how much your old unit will cost to repair and when you should stop throwing money down a money pit, then you should now back off. Knowing when a repairs is t just too much and buying a new one will be a smarter move. If it’s less than 50% then you can have the repairs performed but any more than that, you have to let go and just buy the latest and the most efficient model in the market today.

Is your air conditioner still under warranty?

Warranty is a very essential key you can have to unlock tons of repair privileges. If your air conditioner home system is less than five years old, then the chance that it’s still under warranty is very high. It means that the repair works will be covered by the warranty hence you don’t need to worry about paying fees and services. In short, you can have free repairs or you’ll only pay a small amount.

Have you checked your AC unit’s efficiency?

Yes, it might be true that installing a new Air conditioning unit costs an arm and a leg but if your current unit isn’t reliable at all then you have no choice but to do it. If your unit needs repairs and other maintenance services on a regular basis then surely, the sum of the fees when calculated will be as much as buying a new one. Hence, stop the cycle and just get a new unit. You’ll have a more reliable cooling system and you’ll cut the hassle of calling the repair contractor numerous times in a month. It will also give you that peace of mind that your ac system will work all time all day.

It will be a tough job to determine whether your current ac system needs a repair or a replacement but with these three general questions, the burden will truly be lessened. Happy picking!