As of late it seems that we have been getting several calls from customers needing an air conditioning repair, which also have home warranties. These warranties were purchased by these people when they purchase their home. The warranties cost the homeowner between $550 and $1700. However they are not covering much, in the way of air conditioning repairs. So I can’t put my finger on it exactly the number of calls from homeowners, that have warranties that were purchased, the number seems to be on the rise.

Like most insurance programs, a home warranty company is not required to make repairs, to previously existing problems on a house. I can tell you in years past, that they were not quite as strict as they are today. What is interesting is that even though the warranties are paid for and some of them are several months’ even years old,  the rise on claims seems prevalent.

Most people are encouraged to purchase a home warranty at the time that they buy their new home. Home warranties can cover things like defective appliances garbage disposals water heaters leak in plumbing and other general household issues with the mechanical systems of your property. Even though there seems to be a rise in air conditioner repairs that are not covered, I in no way suggest that you purchase a home without one. Nearly every home I’ve ever purchased I’ve bought a home warranty and then renewed it each year until I sold that house.

My advice to anybody that does have a home warranty and is considering renewing it, ask your warranty provider what they cover and how much they covered. You might be surprised at what they are willing to pay and what something actually will cost. You may be coming out of pocket several hundred dollars to make up the difference even with a warranty in good standings.

Recently happenstance has it that I was able to obtain a list of things that home warranty will pay. This list was specific to air conditioning repairs & components. I was amazed to find out how little they are actually willing to do. I was also told that the general instruction to the technician was to deny any further repairs above and beyond a certain level. I don’t know if all of that is true but I do know that the number of calls that we are getting seems to be on the rise for home warranty after repairs.