Oh that sweet life of comfortable living because of Air conditioners. Can you imagine a home with no AC in the middle of the dog days of summer? Surely, it feels like you’re literally inside a toaster oven. Thus, an AC is not just a luxury nowadays but a major necessity. However, buying a new one is a big dent to our budget so if we really want to enjoy that cool life without shedding too much money then we’ll opt for the cheaper choice and that is the AC repair. 

What you need to know about AC repair?

  1. Cheap repair is not always the best option. When it comes to Ac repair, expenses and costly add-ons are parts of it. We need to accept it. Hence, when a contractor bids an unreasonable low price then you might want to think about it over and over again. You will not need cheap but poor quality services. Contact Fast Affordable Air to get top-notch quality services in reasonable price tags.
  2. Clean the filters. Before calling repair contractors, make sure to do your DIY check up first. Check and clean the filters first because most of the broken ACs are caused by dirty and clogged air filters. Change the filters too if needed, you are required to do it usually once a month.
  3. Don’t exercise DIY repairs with not enough knowledge. Most homeowners conduct their own Ac checkups, maintenance and sometimes, repairs which are all discouraged. When you try to fix the problem with little or no knowledge about AC repair, there’s a possibility that you’ll make the situation worst and end up messing the whole system up. Call Fast Affordable Air and let them handle what they need to.
  4. Repair is the cheapest option but you should be smart in calculating the repair costs and compare it to how much it will cost you when you opt to buy a new one. If the cost is almost 1/3 of the price of the new AC system, then we recommend you to just buy rather than have your old system repaired. This is a best option especially when your system ages 8-10 years already.
  5. Don’t do a blind deal. After the home inspection, your contractor should give you the estimates of the repair costs including all the add-ons and backup maintenance too. Ask them for the possible situations and issues that might occur after the repair, whether there’s a chance that the ac problems will repeat or not and whether you need to pay them again when repairs are needed in the later part. These things are important to be discussed to avoid over-pricing and additional costs that you need to pay after the repairs are done and you are left with no choice but to pay. Deal smartly.