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Senior Discounts

Seniors take an extra 10% off any AC repair. If you are over 65 please let your service provider know so that they can apply the discount to your invoice. We understand the importance of making every dollar count.

Military Discounts

If you have served in the armed forces or are currently serving please let your AC repair technician know. We are happy to offer you a 10% discount. We also will extend this discount to any family member of a deployed soldier.

Free Second Opinions

If you are staring at a high bid for a repair or been told that you must replace your AC, we always advise that you get a second opinion. At Fast Affordable Air we offer a free second opinion to anyone that has a previous estimate by a licensed HVAC contractor. 

Air Conditioning Repairs

Is your thermostat reading too hot no matter how low you set it? Is there a strange sound coming through the vents and you don’t know why? You will be glad to know that we offer same day AC Repairs. 

AC Installation

You can have a brand-new air conditioner installed on your home for less than you think. And you can have it today with our Perfect Install Pledge.

Commercial AC Repairs

If your broken-down AC is costing you business, you need it fixed in a hurry. The Fast Affordable Air Commercial AC Repair and Refrigeration division is standing by to get you back in cold air right away. 

AC Maintenance

The most valuable thing you can do to keep your AC running for many years to come is have it maintained every year. You would do at least this much for your car. In Southern Nevada your AC works just as hard. 

Furnace Installation

Some old furnaces are still working while others are dead on their feet. If your furnace isn’t keeping you warm or you just want to have a safer more efficient furnace, give Fast Affordable Air a call. Get your new Rheem Furnace installed today.

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Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

Our commercial heating and cooling division will get you and your customers back in comfort in no time. You see, residential and commercial heating and ac system are not all that different; but the parts are. We carry most of those part on our trucks. Which means you won’t have to wait for the part to come in or until the repair tech can get it from the warehouse. At Fast Affordable Air Commercial Division, we know time is money for you. Our goal is to get your system fixed as fast as possible.

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Central Air Conditioning Repairs

For all the window ac units in Summerlin, you have served your owner well. Let us bid you farewell. We appreciate the infamous Window AC units; however, the parts and costs to repair for these systems are usually more than you can buy a brand-new unit for. With that in mind, if your window AC unit goes out and you are ready for a serious upgrade contact us about the ductless mini-split. Ask for our specialist Tom.

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Summerlin’s Affordable Air Conditioning Repair

We know that we have affordable in our name. This means we have an obligation to stick to that. Whether it be repairs or replacement, our price will be the one to beat. We don’t hire salespeople or drive big expensive trucks or even have a fancy office. We are Pro-partnered with Rheem which gives us a savings that we then pass on to our customer. One top of that, we even have financing options available for replacement when you must go that route. We have been giving Summerlin, Dessert Shores and surrounding areas affordable heating and AC repairs for the last decade. We will be there when you need us and we will be there at an affordable cost. That is our guarantee.

Heat-pump Cooling and Heating Repair

Do you have a Heat-pump system? These systems are so different with many extra parts and a few more problems that may exist, that often it is hard for a technician to get comfortable diagnosing an issue. At Fast Affordable Air, all our service technicians are put through a rigorous training regarding these types of systems and are then tested to ensure their knowledge before ever going out on their first service call. Because we are right here in Summerlin we can get you back in comfort right away.

Installation Services

Installation of a new heating and ac unit can be scary for the customer. What happens a month down the road or 6 months down the road and even 5 years down the road? With us, your service is guaranteed; and we also offer the most comprehensive warranty package on your new AC than anywhere else in Summerlin and Las Vegas. One other great thing about installation service: We can install quickly, often times even the same day. That means you will not be suffering in the heat any longer than necessary.

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Can My R22 Air Conditioner be repaired?

Does your current R22 AC Unit work? If the answer is yes, then there is no need to replace it at this time. We can still get most parts. Though they can be a bit more expensive than what you are used too, our Southern Nevada suppliers are still carrying the parts. There are alternative refrigerants that will work on an R22 system, though nothing as efficient as R22 itself. But it could certainly get you through the season if you needed it to. The bottom line is: You are going to want to start thinking about replacement at some point. The deadline for that replacement does not have to be now, unless your AC system is on its last leg. Just think about it logically. What repairs have been done to your AC system within the last few years? Did you keep the unit maintained at least twice a year? When was the last time you had refrigerant put in? Finally, what is it going to cost to replacement your AC system? We are here to help put your mind at ease with these questions. We can even provide a price range quote right over the phone.

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Free Second Opinion on Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Have you ever had a clean-cut repair technician show up at your door? He or she spends 5 or 10 minutes looking at your AC system just to come back and give a quote for a super expensive repair or worse yet that you need to totally replace the heating and AC system? The best advice I could give you is: GET A SECOND OPINION AND FAST.  Many of the big Heating and AC Companies have so much overhead that they employ salespeople and those salespeople have quotas and or benchmarks that they must meet. Call us now, we offer FREE 2ND OPINIONS and we do SAME DAY SERVICE CALLS, even in the busy summer months

Fixed Right or Its Free Guaranteed

Why would you want to pay for a repair if it did not restore the cool air to your home? Well if you choose any other Heating and AC Company in Summerlin, that is what could happen. At Fast Affordable Air, we don’t think that it is fair to the customer because that means we either made a mistake in the diagnoses or we only diagnosed part of the problem. You should only have to pay for the repair that gets your AC unit working again.

To error is human, but to charge your customer for your error is not a good business practice. At least not where I come from. This is our promise to you: You will only pay us for the repairs that restore your AC unit to working order. If it doesn’t blow cold before we leave, you don’t owe a dime. How many other companies that service Summerlin, desert shores and surrounding areas can say this?

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Ductless Mini-Split heating and cooling systems

The Ductless Mini-Split… oh, what a wonderful product. Not the cheapest option you can go for, but where it lacks in affordability it makes up for it in ultimate efficiency. You can have up to 5 indoor air handlers connected to just one condenser with prices starting at around $7500. The best part is that you get to set each room at separate temperatures.

The Ductless Mini-Split is innovative and was once thought of only as an option for garage or an apartment or casita. With today’s technology these units can now heat and cool an entire house. If you like your bedroom cold but do not like to walk into the living room or kitchen being cold in the morning, then this may be just right for you. Do you have thin skinned people that live with you that get cold easily? You can set their room at 80 degrees and keep your room at 69 degrees providing comfort for all.

Commercial AC, Heating, Ventilation & Refrigeration

  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Walk in coolers
  • Refrigerators

Should You Replace or Repair

When it comes to your Heating and AC system, especially in Summerlin, to repair or to replace is a big question. Many companies say every 11 years. We have repaired units in the last decade that were 15 or even 20-year-old units, so that philosophy is no good as far as we are concerned. Have you maintained the unit well throughout the years? What kind of repairs have needed to be done to your AC system? What temperature do you keep you Heating and AC system during the hottest or coldest times of the year? What brand is your Heating and AC System? What time of year was your System last replaced at? 

The only true way to find out if you need to replace your Heating and AC System is to have it inspected. We can check the system for you and provide a 72-point written report on the running’s of your unit. We can even provide a quote on items that will need to replaced sooner than later as well as a FREE quote for replacement if need be.

You should never have to replace a working Heating and AC System with a few exceptions. The 1st one is peace of mind. The Las Vegas heat is extreme and being without cold air in the summer months for even a day can be dangerous to some. Summerlin tends to be a few degrees cooler but not enough to to be comfortable. The 2nd one is the R22 issue. It is inevitable that you will need to replace these systems at some point, sooner rather than later might be right for you. The 3rd is affordability. This one far out ways almost anything else. What will it cost to replace and how do I know if I hired the right installers? We can get you a brand-new Heating and AC system with our “Perfect Install Pledge” at a price that is affordable. We even have financing options. 

Annual AC Maintenance and Tune-ups

Heating and AC Systems are just like anything else in life, they need to be maintained in order to last longer and work efficiently. Just like changing the oil or getting a tune up in your car, your AC system needs a tune up a few times year. Proper maintenance of your AC system helps prevent possible problems on those hot summer days.  We can tune-up your system, give us a call today.

You can avoid expensive Air conditioning Repairs in the middle of the hot summer with a Check Up in March or April. Get your air conditioning ready for the summer ahead. 


No Salesmen just Skilled AC Repair Technicians

“He told me the only way to repair my AC was to replace it.”

You know Summerlin has some great attributes, but I have to say one of the things that I just don’t agree with is the used car salesman technique. Unfortunately, that is a common occurrence in Southern Nevada. You think you are getting a repair technician coming to your house to evaluate and repair what is wrong with your Heating and AC System. When they show up, they look clean as a whistle, like it was their first appointment of the day. Except it is 5pm the day after you called for service. He or she spent like 5 minutes looking at your unit only to come back and tell you that you need to replace the whole dang thing. Then they charge you a $70 Service call fee and off they go. REALLY!!!! Heating and AC repair is supposed to be a Blue-Collar career. SO, unless you are the technician’s first appointment, they should look a little rough or at least like they have been sweating or got a little something on them. Our AC techs have calluses and they may even have sweat marks on their shirt. It should always take more than 5 minutes to diagnose an issue. When you have this experience, give us a call for a free TRUE 2nd Opinion because we hire and train Repair Technicians not High Paid used car salesmen.

Hard to Cool Room Specialist

You have that one room in your house, you know the one. It always seems hotter than the rest of the house. Maybe it is a guest room that you don’t use real often. Maybe it is your master bedroom. An unbalanced house is common around here. Give Fast Affordable Air of Summerlin a call and let us provide you with some options to get that room cooled down again.

Summerlin’s Premier AC installer

Installing a brand-new heating and AC System can be daunting for the customer. The worry from the cost to the actual install being done correctly can be enough to send some customers over the edge.  How long is this going to take? Will I need to board my dogs until they are done? Will I need to get a hotel room to avoid the Las Vegas heat and be able to sleep? Well, At Fast Affordable Air you can rest assured that we work quickly, efficiently, and accurately to bring your Heating and AC system to life. When the truck pulls up with your Brand-New Heating and AC system, we want you to be free from worry because all 43 parts and 31 tools needed are in the box van and any extra material we might need has already been thought of and also put on the truck. We can often do same day installs, even during the busy summer months with very little notice. We are ready.  Call on us to get your new ac installed right away. 

No Salesmen Just HVAC Technicians

When you think of an AC Technician, what comes to your mind? Well for me, it is hard working man or woman that can handle the heat of a Las Vegas summer day. A person that has been trained on every aspect of every brand of machine in the Desert Shores and Summerlin. A person that looks a little scruffy with callused hands and maybe even a farmer’s tan or a sunglass tan around the eyes. What do you think of when you think of a salesman? Well for me, a salesman is going to be neat and clean, a pretty shirt and soft hands. Now, I am not here to discount the use of salesmen and women. Heck, I worked in sales once too. What I am here to argue is that when you make a service call appointment with an AC company, should it not be a service technician that shows up? Even if the unit is on its last leg and needs to be replaced, do we really need salespeople to tell a customer that? A customer knows what they want and how much they can afford to spend. So why not do everything in your power to repair the system before replacing? That is what most customers want, “repair the system until it has to be replaced”. I feel strongly about this, so at Fast Affordable we do not hire any salespeople.

Repair-Man-Fast-Affordable-Air-Summerlin AC repair

We Service and Repair That Brand of AC

The part you need and the expert to install it are a phone call away. We train and test all of our technicians on each and every brand sold here in Southern Nevada. Summerlin area customers can count on a speedy diagnosis and on the spot repair when they call Fast Affordable Air. We service these brands and others.
  • Carrier
  • Trane
  • Ruud
  • Goodman
  • Honeywell
  • Janitrol
  • Lennox
  • Payne
  • Amana
  • Bryant
  • Armstrong
  • Coleman
  • Rheem
  • York
  • Goettl
  • American Standard

Thermostat Replacement

Changing out a thermostat is not rocket scientist work. We suggest that you take caution, though, as yours may need more than meets the eye; and a failure could lead to a much more expensive repair later. If you know what thermostat you have now and what thermostat you want installed, give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone. If you would like us to install one of our thermostats, we charge $135 with 5 year warranty.
Desert Shores Fast Affordable Air

The Air Conditioning Repair Technician At Your Door

The repair technician at your door is a trained professional. Each of our technicians must complete and pass a 4 week course each year. This training is extensive and goes over all different brands of machines that may come up. These technicians must be able to fully take apart and put back together every kind of Heating and AC System including Heat Pumps. They are then tested to knowledge about the different system and how they work and what can typically go wrong with certain brands. These men and woman are educated and re-educated every year so long as they work for Fast Affordable Air. One last thing, we never do any sales training. So if one of our techs stumble when telling you that you might want to consider replacing your Heating and AC System, he or she is giving you an educated diagnosis not a sales pitch.

Price Estimate over the Phone for Summerlin Customers

Are you looking for just a quick Estimate over the phone? We can certainly provide that for you. Let us know what you need replaced or repaired, and we will happily provide a quote based on what you relay to us. The only caution you should give is: are you sure that the information you are giving to us is the proper diagnosis? Do you trust the company that did the diagnosis? We offer a free 2nd opinion should you have any doubt in what the previous “Technician” diagnosed.